Impact of Covid

Covid 19 has changed everything around us and the education sector is no different. The pandemic around the globe has certainly left an unforgettable impact in the field of education. By March 2020, Indian education system witnessed the closure of all educational institutions, be it schools, colleges, universities, etc and it continues to be the same with some exceptions.

With the spread of the pandemic and a sudden halt in education, it became mandatory for all institutions, teachers and students to devise ways to transition from traditional ways of instruction to online learning. This transition was so quick that it did not give enough time reflect on the gaps that the infrastructure had. 

Let’s look at few challenges faced by the education system of our country:

  • This swift change did not take into consideration that online teaching and learning requires a certain amount of skill both at the end of the instructor and the learner.
  • Internet connectivity is still a major challenge in the interiors of India
  • Dropouts have increased 
  • The digital divide of India has been exposed yet again 
  • Operational challenges have slowed down the process 
  • Effectiveness of instruction and grasping has been hit
  • Added financial burden to economically affected sectors

We at Master School of Management have been a part of these massive changes and with our future initiatives, we plan to overcome these challenges in our small little way.


Covid 19 has left the age group 20 to 30 ( more than 50% of Indian population ) which forms a pool of students also, almost stupefied. New normal has most adversely affected students’ community. The future of India is pledged in students who have been strengthening our economy at an unprecedented pace over the last few decades. Things would have worked out on the same trend but unfortunately, it is not so now. Student class is dumbfounded by the emergency measures to process education amid the prolonged pandemic.

Moreover, waiting for almost two years, at this point of age,  has made them impatient and desperate. We understand their agony. Their loss is unheard of, and it has left us emotionally choking. Still, we are making an all-out effort to ensure that the chain of education isn’t disrupted. There will be no gap year for the students, as long as, the process of empowering them through education is in place. We are working nonstop to ensure that the knowledge transfer process is intact. In spite of hardships and obstacles accelerated by the pandemic, we have managed to fill the gaps in the resources of students who are, no doubt, the only visible future. We have to corroborate that:

-Their faith in themselves is to be cemented.
-Their hopes have to be nursed and nourished.
– Their dreams are intact to motivate them.

We are working meticulously on creating productivity and job opportunity where there was none existing. Evidently, case studies in career adaptation, strategic thinking, business acumen, value creation, entrepreneurship are some of the tools, that will shape the new normal business management. For these and other requirements, students will have to focus on effectiveness through their own intuition.


With the impact Covid19 has had on our education system, there is no denying that students, our core stakeholders, have been badly hit. All of us at MSM family need to come together to rebuild our foundation and fill in the gaps that got created and have widened in this time of crisis.

 All our stakeholders, be it industry, community, government, management, teachers and parents have been our strength since our inception and have always worked in tandem with each other to strengthen our core- Our Students. 

MSM has pledged to make education further more accessible and affordable for those who have been hit by the pandemic and it is with pride we can say that all our stakeholders have joined hands and are contributing graciously to make this possible.

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